Jumping Back Slash: JBS004


Cape Tonian dj and producer Jumping Back Slash has released his fourth ep JBS004, and boy is it a belter!! On his Bandcamp page he tags his latest ep as “Afrotronical, space music, electronic, gqom house, romance, techno, house, Cape Town”. Honestly, I could not have described this ep any better. It brings together so many different styles and influences, but still remains true to Jumping Back Slash’s own style. We’re just thankful that it falls under the BASS tag too!

The ep contains four original tracks by the man himself, and makes use of a couple of R&B samples too. Personally I had no idea what to expect from this ep, however I was more than pleasantly surprised after the first 10 seconds of the opening track Plateaux, in fact I was hooked!

From the start of the opening track, it is obvious that Jumping Back Slash had a clear idea about which direction he wanted the ep to go. The strong African influence or “Afrotronical” influence, is shown right from the beginning of the song, with the beat being very symbolic of African drums. The vocals are powerful, but do not overpower the song itself, it does however add to the dramatic effect of it.

The second track is titled Blue Smoke, and includes a sample of Mary J Blige’s “Dance for Me”. This song is equally as brilliant as its predecessor, and too contains a large Afro and African feel to it.  The third track ep is named “Always Unfinished but Never Outgunned”, it begins very subtly but rapidly the Afrotronical influence takes over. This track, makes use of  another R&B classic  sample by Sunshine Anderson “Heard it all before”. Jumping Back Slash has definitely put a completely new and unexpected twist on these R&B classics! The last track is titled “U See What I See”, personally this is the perfect way to end off this ep. It still stays true to Jumping Back Slash’s style shown throughout the ep, but shows a softer and more subtle side of JBS. The vocals are majestic, and compliment the track impeccably.

The strong African influence shown throughout the ep makes it a force to be reckoned with. It is very difficult not to get a finger tapping or head bobbing throughout it. I found myself listening to these 4 tracks over and over, like an  overly eager toddler who just received a new toy. This ep is definitely nothing but quality, and is a testament to the saying “Quality over quantity”. It is undoubtedly going to get hips moving, heads bobbing and jiggly bits shaking on the dancefloors.  Admittedly, this ep is not for everyone, however everyone can appreciate the unquestionable talent possessed by Jumping Back Slash.

Previews of each song are available on his SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/jumpingbackslash

Alternatively, you can support this great local artist by purchasing the ep from his Bandcamp page:


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