Mr. Carmack & Kaytranada: Ones [New Release]

Mr. Carmack and Kaytranada teamed up to produce a real beast of a song in the form of Ones. Both Mr. Carmack and Kaytranada have earned huge praise and respect within the electronic and bass music scenes throughout the UK and USA. With Mr. Carmack being one of Soulection’s forerunners, and Kaytranada being featured on Disclosure’s recently released remix album, they have both earned their stripes.

Both of these artists are synonymous with dissolving the borders between genres, whether it’s hip hop, bass, R&B or other forms of electronic music. Ones was release 2 days ago, and has received over 83 000 plays on SoundCloud and over 2000 reposts. It is clear that this is a powerhouse of collaborations!

Ones is a smooth, feel good kind of song. The kind, that if you listen to it first thing  in the morning, you know you’re guaranteed to have a pretty good day. Its jazz influence is very apparent, and its groove is unshakable.

Listen to Ones below:


Mr. Carmack:

Mr. Carmack1




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