SBTRKT: Hold the Line [New release]


SBTRKT is undoubtedly one of my favourite international producers, and I am unashamed to admit that I do hold him on some sort of pedestal. That aside, I was undoubtedly eager to hear the new release in the form of Hold the Line. After the first listen I was unimpressed, the melody was good, production level was excellent but it seemed as though it was lacking that ‘thing’ which makes you want to listen to it again and again. I refused to be left with the bitter taste of disappointment and gave it another listen.

The second time round either saw my bias taking over or I was genuinely able to understand and connect with the track (preferably the latter). Hold the line is definitely something which will get musicians, critics and fans buzzing whether it’s positive or negative. It is both enchanting and encapsulating in true SBTRKT style, with just enough kicks to get you head-bobbing.

Hold the Line is the first release of an instrumental EP series that he will continue to release till his upcoming album is complete. This will definitely keep SBTRKT on the tip of everyone’s tongues and will add fuel to their curiosity for the upcoming album! Much more SBTRKT to come!

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