Self Saloet: #Selfsaloet: 1


The Self Saloet ghetto BASS initiative released their first ep compilation in the form of #SELFSALOET: 1

The ep features some of Cape Town’s most vibrant and fresh electronic and BASS artists, who are all making a name for themselves with their respective talent and passion. #SELFSALOET: 1 features originally produced tracks by Harvey Dent, JYD, Sumo Jac, The DED C, Semel & Beardur, Big Gay Rainbow, Terrasoul and a bonus track from Dyslex.

Each of these artists undoubtedly hold their own, and it is evident that these are all names to look out for in the near future! While listening to this ep I found myself saying “Yoh” quite a bit, not only as a result of being in awe of what my ears have been graced with, but also at the fact that such quality is being produced in our backyard.

This ep was nothing short of a huge deal for Big Gay Rainbow & The DED C who are the driving force behind the Self Saloet initiative, as it was released on an international platform via Thus far, the ep has gained over 20 000 plays as well as large praise and support, including placing Self Saloet on the radar of many artists and electronic music enthusiasts.

#SELFSALOET:1 can be found via for a FREE download.




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