naasMUSIC Presents: P.S BAR


naasMUSIC have released their second musical compilation with the theme of ‘love’, right before the international day of love. The idea behind P.S Bar was to showcase South Africa’s dynamic and rapidly growing music industry, and at the same time giving the artists a specific theme to produce their music to.

naasMUSIC focuses on the upliftment and support of South African artists, as well as acting as a platform to showcase their talent.

It features originally produced tracks by Dank, Maramza, TehSynes, Daddy Warbucks, The Dollfins, Vox Portent and Wildebeats, who are all some of Cape Town’s most gifted and vibrant artists.

P.S Bar is up for free download from naasMUSIC’s SoundCloud page, alternatively the choice to make a contribution on its Bandcamp page is also given.

Bandcamp contribution:


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