*Gravy: 002



*gravy 002, is the second Gravy compilation, and features BASS heavyweights Sibot, Liver, RVWR, Mr. Sakitumi, Grimehouse, Richard the Third, Thor Rixon, Card on Spokes, Maramza, Slabofmisuse and The Watermark High.

*gravy 001, was a huge success and left people wanting more, therefore it was no surprise that the second compilation would generate large amounts of anticipation and excitement! *gravy 002 showcases ridiculous and obscenely heavy bass lines, which could land you an appointment at the chiropractor if you’re not too careful. This is a compilation which showcases a variety of artists, all of whom are contributing positively to the growth and diversity of electronic and BASS music within South Africa. None of them are going anywhere any time soon, and these are names that you wont want to forget.This compilation is truly like a really good gravy, it hits all the right spots and leaves you wanting more.

p.s: If you don’t have, or are not sure of your ‘BASS Face’, *gravy 002 will  bring it to life!

Judge for yourself how good this Gravy is, and take a listen/download it for FREE below:

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