Hannah Wants: Mixtape 0314


British House DJ, Hannah Wants who was in Cape Town but a few months ago has released Mixtape 0314 for March 2014. It includes producers such as Skream, Lancelot, My Nu Leng to name a few. The description of this mix includes Hannah stating that she scoured through her hard drive and used some tracks from her speed garage and bassline house days. It features 22 of the tracks she is loving currently, as well as some timeless classics from back in the day, all showcasing a variety of genres.

Mixtape 0314 also includes Hannah and Chris Lorenzo’s majestic unofficial remix for London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’. Over the past few years Hannah has been making a significant impact on the UK House scene as well as internationally. Her name is beginning to resonate with many, and commands large amounts of respect and admiration. This mix showcases exactly why Hannah is where she is, and why her future is blindingly bright.

Listen to Mixtape 0314 below:

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