Sibot: Arc eyes [EP Release]


The main button basher himself, has released a 5 track EP dubbed Arc Eyes. It has been receiving wildly positive reviews since the day of its release. If anything, it has proven exactly why Sibot is as renowned as he is within the South African electronic music industry.  Arc Eyes was conceived at Cape Town’s esteemed Red Bull Studios whilst Sibot was busy with his forthcoming mixtape.

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing him live, you will know that he does not hold anything back in his performances and is all about high energy and enthused crowd interaction. This, combined with the VJing skills and sneaky vocals of his equally  awesome sidekick Toyota, makes Sibot one of the most sought after live acts South Africa has to offer. With having represented South Africa at festivals such as Sonar, Glastonbury and Monegros, Sibot has undoubtedly cemented his place on the international scene too. Sibot has been one of the most influential DJs and producers within the development, growth and diversification of electronic music in South Africa.

Arc Eyes is a great testament to Sibot’s growth within the industry, his versatility, and absurdly undeniable level of talent. It also features vocals from Toyota and Okmalumkoolkat.

Listen/download Arc Eyes below:

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