Ta-Ku: Songs to break up to [EP Release]


Australian beatmaker and Soulection frontrunner Ta-ku, released his latest work in the form of a two-part EP Songs To Break Up To. It consists of 10 original tracks by Ta-ku and includes a sample previously used by Musiq Soulchild, a sample from Daughter, Janet Jackson and more.

In a self-done interview on SoundCloud he tries to explain the story behind each track, and describes the EP as not only referring to romantic heartbreak, but heartbreak in all of its entirety, such as the death of any loved one. Ta-ku also states that with each and every song, he tried to convey as much emotion as possible through each beat, vocal or instrument used. He points out that each song is purposefully kick-heavy with lots of reverb and loud snares for maximum effect.

It would be advised that if you have just gone through some sort of heartbreak or loss and the emotion is still raw, that listening to this EP might not be the best idea. However, what you can do, is appreciate it for the pristine craftsmanship that went into each track by Ta-ku.

Although the overall theme of the EP is heartbreak, when listening to this EP there is the sense that each track tells their own individual story. This EP is more instrumentally focused and vocals are kept to a minimum. Sceptically, the word “perfection” comes to mind, however my disbelief in “perfection” lends me to use other synonyms such as impeccable to describe this EP.

The days of listening to R&B as the soundtrack to your heartbreak are over. Ta-ku has provided you with a ten track alternative in the form of Songs To Break Up To.




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