Subterranean Wavelength: [Compilation Release]

Subt Wavelength

Jo’burg stand up!!! Dj, producer and rapper Micr. Pluto put together this compilation containing unreleased tracks of 5 of Johannesburg’s most eclectic, interesting and influential producers at the moment.

Subterranean Wavelength: A Johannesburg Experimental Beat Compilation consists of tracks produced by The Watermark High, Hlasko, Escapism Refuge, Micr. Pluto and the duo Hawkword. Each track proves why these producers were chosen for this astoundingly beautiful compilation, and does a terrific job at showcasing Johannesburg talent.

Do yourself a favour and get familiar with these names: The Watermark High, Hlasko, Escapism Refuge, Micr.Pluto & Hawkword. If this compilation is anything to go by, big things can be expected from any one of them in future.

 Subterranean Wavelength gives you a real idea of the potential South Africa has, and the possible heights that can be reached. I can’t help but feel giddy when projects of this nature come to life, not only because it is needed, but because it helps to stimulate growth and dynamism in the scene too.

Listen/download below:

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