naasMusic: Laaitie [Compilation]


naasMusic have released their 4th and final compilation for 2014, in the form of Laaitie. Laaitie features 7 South African producers who are constantly kicking down sonic boundaries and keeping electronic enthusiasts on their tippy toes.

Every compilation which naasMusic puts together aims to showcase the full extent of the variation and dynamism in the alternative music scene within South Africa.

This compilation features none other than The Watermark High who has undoubtedly been established as one of the most cutting edge producers to come up in 2014. It also features a strikingly beautiful love ballad in the form of You are mine by another sonic soldier, Cape Tonian, Cutting Gems.

Thibo Tazz, who has a knack for the sounds of Afro and Deep House, produced a track named In the House. Having represented South Africa at The Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona in 2008, In the House is a clear representation of  why Thibo is as  acclaimed and respected locally and internationally.

Laaitie also features the sounds of Dj Spoko, ELPHNT, alternative band Heroine and duo Gateway Drugs.

Laaitie is up for FREE download on naasMusic’s Bandcamp page, alternatively a donation of any amount can be given with all proceeds going towards supporting the growth of local underdeveloped talent.





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