Talk is cheap- Chet Faker [Kaytranada flip]


Current earworm: Talk is cheap by Chet Faker, Kaytranada’s flip!!

The universe is great, bringing these two musical titans together, although be it indirectly.

When I first came across Kaytranada’s work he was not as well-known as he is today, however he still displayed the same amount of  innovation, versatility and eclecticism, and I remember thinking on numerous occasions “How is he NOT famous? How don’t MORE people know about him?!”.

Well since the beginning of 2014, the name Kaytranada is now known the world over, and he is doing some of the most listened to remixes, and headlining at sold out shows and festivals touring with the likes of Sango and STWO. Originally from Haiti, now living in Montreal and only 21 years old, the world is literally his oyster.


His ‘flip’ of Australian musician Chet Faker’s original Talk is cheap, is just that, it completely turns the original upside down giving it a completely new twist and feel. It has just the right amount of funk, groove and soul to make you want to get up and dance, as well as appreciate the craftsmanship behind it.  My only hangup is that I did not hear it sooner!



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