Soulection x Stussy: Compilation


The Sound of Tomorrow crew, Soulection teamed up with internationally recognised clothing brand Stussy to form this 2o track compilation.

This compilation is a symbolic representation of the collaboration between Stussy and Soulection. Stussy designed an exclusve line of “Soulection Tribe” t-shirts, among other items.

This compilation sees Soulection trying to encompass all that is “The Sound of Tomorrow” from a variety of artists, not only Soulection frontrunner’s such as IAMNOBODI, Ta-Ku and Esta, but other up and coming talent too.

There are a variety of up and coming emcee’s, singers and producers featured on this compilation who are all adding their own twist to this future sound, and are bound to make an impact soon.

Soulection have outdone themselves with this compilation, and have provided listeners and fans with a mouth-watering array of pure sonic seduction.

The compilation is up for free download on Soulection’s Bandcamp page, alternatively you can choose to pay for it.

It displays just the right amount of groove, soul and bounce the true Soulection way.



Listen/download below:



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