The New Slang: 002 [Jumping Back slash]


This is the second edition of The New Slang and it features the one, the only Jumping Back Slash.

This year saw the king of Gqom Romance leave South Africa and head back to the UK after 7 years of perfecting his Gqom sound in Mzansi. However, his departure has not affected the impact that he has here. He came back to work on Spoek Mathambo’s new musical venture, Fantasma and has played a key role in the production of that album.

TNS002 features 4 remixes of a JBS original, remixes are by The Ded C, Sumo Jac, Life Magic and Lentegeur. The winning remixes were by The Ded C and Life Magic. The best thing about these two winning remixes is that they are so different. The Ded C puts a fun, playful twist on the original without taking anything away from it. This fun and playfulness is emphasised by him using sound effects reminiscent of Cashmere Cat. Life Magic’s remix is slightly darker and seemingly more sinister. With the main feature of this remix being the drums, it is bound to at the very least, get a few heads shaking uncontrollably.

Each producer of this installment of The New Slang adds their own distinct formula to the original, making each remix vastly different and showcasing the talent of every individual.

I am so obsessed with The New Slang and everything that it is pushing. As mentioned in a post about TNS001, I feel as though a project of this nature is more than needed and provides the scene with something vastly different from what is already out there. It is also a great way to support the growth of the scene and up and coming producers.

The New Slang:

Listen below:

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