Subterranean Wavelength: Volume 2


After almost a 6 month hiatus Subterranean Wavelength is back. This second edition of the compilation features 9 tracks, 2 more than its predecessor and again does a pristine job at showcasing some of the finest and most exciting electronic acts Johannesburg has to offer.

Created and compiled by Micr. Pluto an electronic producer himself, whose influence only continues to grow within the South African electronic music scene, and whose name will undoubtedly echo many years into the future.
This installment features the likes of the ever so talented Vox Portent (the only producer on this compilation besides Micr.Pluto I am actually familiar with) and Micr. Pluto providing the introductory track, alongside 7 other artists. Because I have not heard of any of the other 7 producers before, I had no idea what to expect, however I was elated by their talent and level of craftsmanship. The fact that I haven’t heard of these artists does puzzle me slightly, however more than anything it excites me.

It means that growth is taking place, although at times it is seemingly non-existent or hard to keep up with. Growth does not necessarily mean quality, but quality is what Micr. Pluto has continuously delivered with this compilation. Yes, it may be overly eager to make such a bold statement on only the second installment, nonetheless the proof is no doubt in this pudding.

Despite this overriding element of quality, I cant help but feel an element of disappointment too. The first installation blew me away so much that 6 months later I am still able to listen to those tracks and fall in love with them over and over. With that said, where the second installment fails, is variation. Whilst listening to it numerous times over, and with no doubt enjoying myself, I got the sense that each one of the tracks sounded like they were made by one individual, or rather they all have a very similar sound. Whether this was intentional or not is a completely different issue but personally, this is my only critique and it can easily differ from person to person.

Big ups to Jo’burg for showing the rest of the country what they’re made of, and what is bubbling under the electronic music scene over there. We await in overriding anticipation for the third installment of this enticing compilation.

Listen/Free download below:

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