Jumping Back SLash: I know my shapes [Ep release]


Gqom God and all-round musical genius Jumping Back Slash, has released a 4-track EP elusively named “I Know My Shapes”. My love, admiration, respect and hands down obsession with JBS’s work is no secret. So, at the first announcement of the release of this EP I was awaiting its release with the utmost anticipation and excitement.
Over the last few months JBS came back down to South Africa to help Fantasma, the four man band including lead vocalist Spoek Mathambo produce their debut album “Eye of the Sun”, with a few gigs intermittently here and there. The fact that he was chosen to produce the album not only speaks volumes about his talent but also how revered he is within the industry.

About a year ago, JBS released his “JBS004″ EP categorised as Gqom Romance, which showcased his ability to effortlessly craft and incorporate traditional R&B samples with his Gqom style. A year later, and “ I Know My Shapes” has been released.

It is vital that for any artist to grow, they need to explore, try new things and take on new ventures. “I Know My Shapes” undoubtedly differs from the traditional JBS sound that most are used to. This EP has a large techno element to it, but does not completely abandon all that makes JBS, JBS. It still makes you want to get up and “jiva” or just appreciate the production, and somehow try to fathom how JBS does what he does, at such a consistent and high level of quality.

This EP comes with a few surprises such as the title track, which begins as a fast-paced, almost menacing track with bass for days, and builds up into a techno transition. This track and the last of the EP, “Red Stem Flowers” aggressively grabbed my attention as it is not what you’d traditionally hear from JBS.

Change is a concept which many find hard to deal with and are often incapacitated by. With this EP JBS has embraced change and shown us different layers of his artistry. This EP has and will undoubtedly leave a large impact, as well as to keep fans and artists alike on their toes for any future JBS EP’s and production by not knowing what we will be sonically blessed with next.

“I Know My Shapes” is available on Bandcamp as well as a preview on SoundCloud.

Bandcamp: https://jumpingbackslash1.bandcamp.com/album/i-know-my-shapes

Listen to the “I Know My Shapes” preview below:


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