The New Slang: Volume 3


The New Slang Volume 3 is here! This edition features 3 remixes of an original produced track by Capetonian duo Mix N Blend who are widely known for their love of drum & bass, reggae and dancehall sound scopes to hip hop, dub and funk.

Created in 2001, Mix N Blend have come to be one of the most revered and organic acts to come out of Cape Town. There is always something different and unexpected to look forward to with this duo, and there is no doubt that their success is a product of passion and love.

The track they produced for The New Slang Volume 3 is a fun, funky and spicy number which begins quite ominously leaving you wondering in what direction it will go. The break inches forward into quite a busy track with all the various elements working together symbiotically, making it a fun, funky and whimsical track.

The remixers are Cutting Gems, drum & bass up and comer Broken Transient and from Johannesburg the ever dynamic duo Hawkword. The Cutting Gems version is a fast paced manic one, which slows the original down in the beginning and then speeds it up to an epic climax, and then breaks, full of bass. There’s actually no way to sufficiently explain how exactly Cutting Gems transforms the Mix N Blend original. Just know it includes lots of bass, some trap elements and will leave you feeling somewhat gangster.

Hawkword manage to slow down the original version and transform it into a groovier, sexier and more sensual version of itself. Rather, a more intimate version of the original. Also, it has quite a ‘housey’ feel to it too. My favourite of this volume of The New Slang has to be Broken Transient’s version. Yes, my bias toward drum & bass does play a large role in this favouritism, nonetheless it is still brilliant.

Broken Transient is a newcomer in the Cape Town drum & bass scene and has really been making a name for himself from gigs to radio appearances and his own productions. His take on the Mix N Blend original illustrates his capabilities as an artist as well as his potential.

The New Slang Volume 3 is up for FREE download on its SoundCloud page!


Listen/Free download below:

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