The Watermark High: Culture Lust Vol. 1



Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa The Watermark High has a sound and a sonic palette like no other. His ability to seemingly produce beautiful, majestic, groovy, weird, random sounds and tracks is uncanny. It is actually hard to define his ‘genre’ (if that’s your thing) or put him in a particular category. Frivolous matters aside, The Watermark High’s ability to produce something which makes you feel so damn good and tingly, as well as question what exactly are you listening to? How does everything fit so well together? Is an astonishing one.

The Watermark High has had a busy 2014, he managed to make a name for himself over the past year, with being featured on various compilations featuring some of the most formiddable producers and dj’s locally and internationally, as well as playing at some of the biggest and most forward-thinking events in South Africa.

The concept of this EP came about as a production exercise for The Watermark High and it was written in one week. On his Bandcamp page he clarifies the thinking behind this unofficial EP, “Apart from a bunch of technical goals that I set myself, I wanted to just mess around with different genres (trap, old school hip-hop and breaks etc) and also thought it’d be a great opportunity to go overboard with “world music” sounds (something I really love), and to put these traditional instruments in an electronic context.”

It is evident that he had quite a clear idea of what he wanted to do and what he wanted to achieve. This pristinely produced 4 track EP is heavily influenced by Indian and Asian world sounds, and does a remarkable job at blending them with modern breaks and instrumental hip hop sounds amongst others. With an official EP being released in early 2015, this “unofficial” EP has undoubtedly been the most effective marketing strategy.

Culture Lust Volume 1 is different, easy on the ear and a source of fascination and inspiration.It can be downloaded for free, or you may name your price.


Listen/Download below:


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Twitter: @watermarkhigh

Official website:


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