Card On Spokes ft Okmalumkoolkat & Nonku Phiri: On The Low [New Release]


On The Low is the ideal example of collaborative perfection. This track sports 3 individuals whose talent and passion seem endless, and whose every bit of acclaim is rightfully deserved.

It features Cape Town producer and DJ Card On Spokes on production, Johannesburg rapper and all round cool kid Okmalumkoolkat on the rhymes and the enchanting melodies of vocalist Nonku.

Since its release at the end of December 2014, On The Low  has and continues to generate, a large amount of positive feedback and critique. From fans to fellow artists, I dare to say that this collaboration has almost set the benchmark not only for collaborations in 2015, but also other local musical endeavours.

On The Low, tells the story of a guy who is a typical bad boy who meets a girl he becomes very interested in, however they are complete opposites  and she decides that she would like to get to know him however, this needs to be done slowly and ‘On The Low’.

On The Low is a beautiful and almost momentus piece of art with the convergence of some of South Africa’s best artists. From its production, to the rhyming, to the vocals it seems to have the ability to resonate with individuals from vastly different walks of life, even if it is only for one particular aspect of it.

With CTEMF around the corner and releases such as this paving the way for the rest of the year, 2015 is undoubtedly off to an exciting start.

Watch the video:

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