Soulection: South Africa Tour


Tomorrow is the day that “The Sound of Tomorrow” crew Soulection host their debut event on the African continent in Cape Town, South Africa. Since its inception in 2011 Soulection has become much more than a radio show or record label, it has become a movement driven by nothing but passion and unrelenting love.

Founded by Joe Kay and Andre Power in Los Angeles only four years ago Soulection has grown into an other-worldly force, with an impact and influence which can not easily be fathomed. With SoundCloud being its main platform from which it operates, Soulection has discovered and continues to discover some of the finest in BASS music frequencies and producers through SoundCloud.

With artists such as Sango, Mr. Carmack (who headlined at CTEMF), The Whooligan and Esta representing the label and headlining shows throughout the world, it is more than fitting to say that it can be changed to “The Sound of Today”.

Soulection is a record label, creative hub, radio show and ultimately a movement. It is a force which  undoubtedly  can not easily be reckoned with.

The Soulection Radio Show #204 was recorded at Cape Town’s Red Bull Studios last night, and features a J Dilla tribute, who has and continues to have a large influence on the show and the label.

With CTEMF 2015 coming to an end yesterday and deservedly being all the rage, Soulection  is going to give it a run for its money. 2015 is not at all getting off to a bad start (which is putting it extremely subtly).  How can the other 10 months of the year even compare?


Cape Town event:


Johannesburg event:



Bring Soulection to South Africa:

Soulection Radio Show #204 [J Dilla tribute]:

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