Vox Portent: Measures [EP Release]


Johannesburg producer Vox Portent released Measures, an EP he describes on his Bandcamp page as helping him through quite a dark space in his life to a lighter and clearer path. He states that the production of this EP revolved around him trying to find his own sound, as he felt that earlier releases were too resemblant of his current influences.

Measures is a 6-track EP in which Vox’s struggle and victory are overtly and covertly symbolised. Vox has been featured on various compilations such as Johannesburg based Subterranean Wavelength, Cape Town based Beauty and the Beats, and playing at events with the likes of Micr. Pluto and The Watermark High. 

There is a genuine sense of overcoming with this EP. From the first track I Endure which sports a relatively subdued melancholic theme, and other tracks such as  Static and What we had, which have a jovial rhythm but also unmissable pain and struggle behind them.

It is clear that every track has been thought out profusely, with each having their own unique story, as well as challenging Vox with getting closer to finding his authentic sound. It is safe to assume that Vox Portent is one of South Africa’s most eccentric, eclectic and exciting producers whose potential can not be taken for granted.

Measures can be purchased on Vox’s Bandcamp page, alternatively it can be streamed on his SoundCloud page too.





Listen below:

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