DRK&LVLY: Beauty and the Beats Vol.2 [Compilation release]


So the second installment of Cape Town based record label DRK&LVLY’s Beauty and the Beats compilation has been released. This installment boasts 13 brand new produced tracks from various producers around South Africa.

Despite multiple delays, I could not wait for this compilation to be released. Seeing teasers for this compilation’s photography on social media only made the wait more painful. Finally, it was released and when I saw the artists it featured I could not help but be disappointed. Dont get me wrong, each of the artists featured on this compilation are brilliant, rightfully deserve to be featured and (as previous posts would illustrate) I have immense respect and admiration toward them.

However, I can not help but feel bored. The only real surprises relating to the artists featured on this compilation were BOON, Fi$h and Drum & Bass DJ/producer and Footwork enthusiast TehSynes. The disappointment was not in the music the artists produced, but in the variety of the artists chosen for this compilation. We all know these artists. We know (to an extent) what they are capable of. But let’s stop playing it safe and cut clear of predictability.


Compilations are a great way to showcase the unheard or upcoming talent, (not to take anything away from these artists) but they are the artists who are constantly being showcased on compilations such as these. It baffles me that with such an omnipresence of up and coming  electronic producers in Cape Town and South Africa, that the same ones are being made use of over and over.



On a lighter note, the photography for this installment of Beauty and the Beats is nothing short of amazing and deserves as much attention as the music itself.


Follow DRK&LVLY: https://www.facebook.com/drkandlvly

Photography by DRK&LVLY Creative: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DRKLVLY-Creative/452211514882186

Listen/download below:

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