Soulection: Love is King [Compilation]


Soulection show their love and appreciation for their supporters through free mixtapes and compilations. And frankly, for true Soulection supporters it is the best way in which they can give back.

This time around, they are celebrating the fact that they have reached 200 000 followers on SoundCloud which was the platform that played (and continues to play) a pivotal role in getting their music and movement out there. This time around, they have decided not only to give away a compilation for free but also their entire discography, along with 20% off their merchandise on their online store (these offers only last for 24 hours, so by the time this is posted there will only be a few more hours left).

The title of the compilation is Love is King, and the artwork is nothing but phenomenal. It is a portait-like painting of Sade, in which she looks almost goddess-like against a brown wooden background. This compilation includes 12 songs from the likes of Lakim, esta, J-Louis and StarRo, all putting their unique spin on Sade classics such as Sweetest Taboo and Like a Tattoo.

If you know anything about Soulection, you would have copped these freebies as soon as you found out about them. You would also know that this compilation will take you places you never knew existed and make you feel things that makes being sober bearable.


Esta, Sam Gellaitry, The Whooligan & Mr. Carmack
Esta, Sam Gellaitry, The Whooligan & Mr. Carmack

Download here:

Soulection Logo

The Sound of Tomorrow

Soulection Tribe

Listen below:

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