Micr. Pluto & Vox Portent-Vague [New release]

Micr.Pluto & Vox Portent Vague

Experimental electronic music has rapidly become one of the most exciting and innovative forms of electronic music over the past two years in South Africa. With more producers emerging and claiming experimental music as their genre of choice, we can expect great things in the near future.

Vague, is the collaboration between two experimental producers from Johannesburg, Micr.Pluto and Vox Portent. On his Facebook page Micr.Pluto says that although the two of them DJ together often, they haven’t released a collaboration, he says “this needed to happen”.  And yes, it did!

Vague is subtle, but powerful kind of like its creators. The drum-work is pristine and carries the track, it is the star of the show.  Micr.Pluto is set to release an EP filled with collaborations sometime very soon, and Vague is setting the scene for things to come.

Listen/download Vague below:

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