Micr.Pluto ft Mikhaela Kruger-Broken Shadows [Video Release]

Micr.Pluto has released a futuristic visual-rollercoaster for the music video of Broken Shadows-the debut single off his Dead Rainbow EP-which drops next week [26/08/15] through naas.

The video for Broken Shadows will leave you in awe from the second the music starts to the end credits. It intricately and seductively takes you into another world and another time. Everything and anything seems possible, with human-like beings floating in a sea of angelic clouds, extra-terrestrial-like beings standing in a dark forest, and floating towers that look like they belong in a Tranformers movie. It sounds crazy, but visually it works.

The theme of good vs. evil comes across quite powerfully within the video, with the contrast between light and dark colours, as well as the very last image within the video (just before the credits begin) of an evil, non-human face with a sinister smile, floating in the sea of bright, angelic clouds.

The track itself features Cape Town-based vocalist Mikhaela Kruger, whose voice is just as seductive as the video. She adds the right amount of sincerity and grace to the track, and at the same time making it even darker.

Watch Broken Shadows below:


Art direction & visual production by: Vuyo Serote

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