Mungo: The Water Method Man [Video Release]


The Water Method Man [Big Proxy] is Cape Town-based producer Mungo‘s debut single for his upcoming EP entitled Yextures, due to be released on the 6th of October via naas.

The music video for The Water Method Man [Big Proxy] was created by Mungo and fellow electronic music producer Thor Rixon. It is trippy, ingenious and colourful. It feels like you’re looking through a really small peephole the entire video, and into another world with various colours popping up, making it an invigorating journey. Visually, the colour palette steals the show, from dark to soft blues, yellows, greens and purples floating on what looks like the ocean’s surface jamming to the song. The various textures of these colours will have you questioning what is it exactly you’re looking at.

The song itself, is quite different to Mungo’s older material on his previous EP The World According To Mungo, which was more guitar centric. In The Water Method Man there is no sign of a guitar and it’s purely electronic.

Watch The Water Method Man below:

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