Beat Sampras: 5pm [New release]


Beat Sampras, is a Cape Town-based beat producer, and has received a steady amount of traction this year from artists and listeners alike.

He released the first half of his debut EP The Hours in May this year which drew influences from 90’s Hip Hop. The second half of the EP is due to be released soon and will draw influences from electronic music.

5 PM feels like it could easily fit into the first half of The Hours. Its Hip Hop feel is infectious, and it’s easy to imagine someone rapping over it. It has a subtle power to it, [like many of his productions]. Subtle in that the track is not screaming for your attention, instead it holds your hand and let’s you experience it on your own terms in your own time, and in this is its power.

Beat Sampras is a producer you can not allow yourself to take your eyes off. Great things can be expected from him in future.


Watch the promo video for the release of The Hours here

Listen to 5 PM below:

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