Mungo: Yextures [EP release]


Mungo has released his second EP Yextures via naasMungo has taken on a completely new sound with Yextures, world’s away from the sound in his previous EP The World According To Mungo released almost a year ago.

 For some reason when getting ready to write this post, my mind went blank more than once. Naturally, as a writer the obvious reason would be the infamous writer’s block. But when thinking about it more deeply, I found that it’s not the so-called obvious reason, but instead the content I’m writing about.

This EP is good but it’s quite underwhelming, and to be honest forgettable. I had high expectations for this EP, but that’s because his previous EP was absolutely brilliant, and will forever be on my list of ‘best EP’s ever’. So when I heard Mungo was releasing a brand new EP my expectations got the best of me. Ranting aside, this EP is definitely worth listening to and it’s not all doom and gloom.

Yextures is a 6-track EP which makes a point of showing off Mungo’s versatility as an artist. It’s filled with a buffet of upbeat, abstract and perplexing yet captivating sounds.


Listen below:

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