Card On Spokes: “Impala Parlour/ Journey to Life” [Single Release]


Boiler Room London premiered a new track by the great Card On Spokes yesterday. Renowned for his fusion of jazz and electronic music, Card On Spokes has helped pioneer the relationship between the two within the South African music industry. He played at Boiler Room in March this year when they hosted an event in Cape Town.

With his music consistently evaporating barriers, inspiring other artists and offering something unique, he has already earned the ‘legendary’ status, whether he knows it or not.

“Impala Parlour/ Journey To Life” steals your attention immediately as it begins with fast paced African traditional drum-like sounds. They’re quickly paired with a guitar, and before you know it, completely drowned out by other peculiar sounds which come together in a matter of seconds, creating a guitar-centric tune filled with warmth and fervor. Just after two minutes in, the track becomes cheekier and begins to take on a new moniker. At just after four minutes, the phrase “Journey to Life” pops up, rounding the track off and giving the sense that a metamorphosis has taken place from when the track originally began to when it ended.

“Impala Parlour/Journey To Life” will be released as a single on 26th August, and is part of the upcoming EP “As We Surface”.

  • Watch Card On Spokes live on Boiler Room here.


Listen to “Impala Parlour” and “Journey To Life” below:

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