DRK&LVLY Records: “Beauty and the Beats Vol.3” [Compilation]


After a 17-month hiatus, DRK&LVLY Records are back with a new compilation. “Beauty and the Beats Vol.3” features 15 unheard tracks from 15 of South Africa’s most unrivaled producers.

The compilation serves as a platform to showcase artists who are established, as well as up-and-comers. This compilation is gold, and all the tracks can be downloaded for free. You can expect anything from the soulful, daydreamy beats of Beat Sampras, the ambient emotive beats of Buli, the upbeat, head-bob inducing sounds of Sumo Jac and the eclectic sounds of Women Who Kill.

Other artists on the compilation include founder of DRK&LVLY Slabofmisuse, JYD, Vox Portent, Big Space, WiLDEBEATS, Omar Morto, Broken Transient, FI$H, DJ Caviar, Micr.Pluto and Monexus.



Listen/download “Beauty and the Beats Vol.3” below:

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