Under Pressure Sundays: “The collective making your Sundays cool”


The Cape Town-based collective Under Pressure Sundays are changing Sundays from being burdensome to bearable and cool, by offering us something to look forward to. Under Pressure Sundays releases a playlist of brand new original music every Sunday.

Still fairly new, Under Pressure Sundays mixes quirky, strange and vibrant artwork with fresh, forward-thinking music. They’ve already released eight playlists over five months, and released SZN 2.1 two weeks ago. Last week’s edition included a sample of Sade’s “Tar Baby” by Dada Shiva who flipped it inside out and gave it an unthinkable twist. Lazy Ent. gave Anita Baker’s cover of Tyrese’s 1998 song “Latelyan upbeat and enticing take.

They’re hosting an event on Monday 29 August 2016, at The Great Wizoo in Cape Town.

  • Check out the event here.



Listen to “SZN 2.2” below:

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