5 Cape Town-based producers you need to know


South Africa’s electronic music industry is growing rapidly, and audiences are developing an insatiable hunger. Satisfying this hunger has resulted in the creation of new electronic events and festivals, like Churn, Future Frequency Festival and Wolfkop Weekender. As a result of this growth, new producers seem to pop up everyday, putting their passion to use and trying to offer something unique.

We’ve compiled a list of five producers based in Cape Town who you should be listening to and supporting right now. Most of them are genre chameleons and don’t stick to one specific genre or sound, making them all the more enticing. A Jo’burg edition will be posted next week too.

So in no particular order, below are the five producers you need to know.

1. GinaJeanz


Namibian-born, Cape Town-based GinaJeanz is an extraordinary creative. She’s not only a music producer but photographer, model and illustrator. Gina moved to Cape Town to study Graphic Design in 2010, and started producing in 2007.

She produces hip hop, r&b/soul, ambient, trap beats and anything in between. If anything, she doesn’t allow herself to be boxed in with a specific sound. Her tracks sound incredibly effortless and organic, which is something not many producers are able to achieve. She produced the single Dont Waste My Time for Namibian rapper Lionness, and collaborated with Ameen, on her debut EP Initium released in 2014.

Listen to “Auto Pilot” by GinaJeanz below:

 2. DJ SKinniez


SKinniez is a relative newcomer to the Cape Town beat scene, having recently moved from Johannesburg back to Cape Town. Despite this, he’s immersed himself within the Cape Town beat scene and has made a significant impact in a short period of time. He’s renowned as a quality DJ, having played at some of Cape Town’s best venues including Fiction. He also played at Oppikoppi last year, one of South Africa’s largest festivals.Well versed in hip hop and future beats, he is versatile and hungry, with a refined sonic palette.

  • Follow him on Facebook here

Listen to “In the dark” by SKinniez below:


3. Yoyo


Yoyo’s first post on SoundCloud was just eight months ago. Since then he’s churned out a variety of hip hop centric beats, showcasing his pristine production skills and love for hip hop. He’s been featured on The Fuss’s Sound Gallery, and released a 12-track beat tape today, titled “Juice”. With some of his influences being Knxwledge, Madlib and J Dilla, Yoyo is definitely worth keeping both eyes on.

  • Follow Yoyo on Facebook here.

Listen to “I wanna” by Yoyo below:



4. Sumo Jac


Well-known and revered within the Cape Town beat scene, Sumo Jac is known for his love of all things BASS, especially dub step. Sumo Jac started out as a DJ in 2012 and has grown immensely as an artist since then. He played regularly at the now defunct event, Cold Turkey that took Cape Town’s BASS scene to unparalleled heights. Presently, his name is consistently seen on lineups all over Cape Town. He’s also won Button Bashers numerous times and has played at Oppikoppi, Rezonance New Year’s Eve Festival and Ultra SA. Sumo Jac is also part of Butter, and has featured on compilations such as DRK&LVLY and The New Slang.

  • Follow Sumo Jac on Facebook here.

Listen to “She’s a bitch (Sumo Jac bootleg)” by Sumo Jac below:


5. Beardur $$


Beardur’s sound can be described as cheeky and playful future beats. Although he doesn’t release music often, it doesn’t take away from the fact that his potential as an artist is overflowing and formidable things can be expected from him. In June, Beardur and his brother Semel were featured on Italian radio show Mixology, where a mix of theirs was layed down showcasing the likes of soul, r&b, footwork and future beats.

Listen to “Fearful” by Beardur below:

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