5 Joburg-based producers you need to know


The Johannesburg edition of “5 producers you need to know” has arrived. Choosing only five producers is a form of punishment for any music lover, as there are so many producers who are pushing themselves and creating forward-thinking music. These five however, are a cut above the rest. In no particular order, below are the 5 Joburg-based producers you need to know right now.

1. Bonolo Thomas


Regularly featured on playlists from the collective Under Pressure Sundays, Bonolo is one of the most inventive and interesting producers right now. Her ablity to breathe new life into samples and make it her own is worth noting. With healthy knowledge in hip hop, ambient, experimental, future beats and anything else that feels good, Bonolo is the full package.

Listen to “Homesick (That CT)” by Bonolo Thomas below:

2. Escapism Refuge

Escapism Refuge.jpg

Escapism Refuge is an artist who deserves acclaim. In his short career, he’s achieved multiple milestones, like having a track of his being played on Soulection Radio in October last year. He’s also part of Deep Heads, a record label based in London. His music is in a class of its own, with its creator constantly shattering preconceptions of what electronic music is and can do. He’s also got an upcoming album that he’s working on.

  • Follow Escapism Refuge on Facebook here.

Listen to “Traps” by Escapism Refuge below:

3. Chee


Chee is turning the drum and bass sub genre neurofunk inside out. Not only is he creating some of the most earth shattering beats right now, he’s also making neurofunk his own. He made his debut at the colossal Cape Town Electronic Music festival (CTEMF) this year, and blew minds with his set. He’s also gained international attention, and released two singles on the record label Close 2 Death Recordings based in Gloucester, England this past weekend. With otherworldly producing skills and a genuine love for music, his name will be synonymous with South African drum and bass for years to come.

  • Follow Chee on Facebook here.

Listen to “Headlock” by Chee below:


4. Daev Martian


Daev’s music journey began in 2009, when he began creating instrumentals. Since then, his career has transformed into a journey of incredible growth and success, and being part of house music stalwarts Jullian Gomes and Kid Fonque’s record label Stay True Sounds proves this He’s had releases on international record labels, and released his first EP “Sometimes” on California-based label Goldie Records and his second EP “Gears” on Australian label Gentle Recordings. He’s also recently started his own event called Frequency Manipulation, showcasing the various sounds of Jo’burg.

  • Follow Daev Martian on Facebook here.

Listen to “Tamba” by Daev below:

5. Tsukudu


Having produced a multitude of hip hop tracks for various rappers, Tsukudu also creates “Soulection-esque” instrumentals. His EP “Growth” was released last year, is a great testament to what he’s capable of in terms of his versatility and producing abilities. A real producing wizard, Tsukudu creates edgy, soulful, funky beats that are never void of emotion.

  • Follow Tsukudu on Facebook here.

Listen to “Naturally her” by Tsukudu below:

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