Beardur: “CapeTek” [EP release]


“CapeTek” marries two ends of the world together, Chicago (footwork’s birthplace) and Cape Town. This unique, though not uncommon blend of sounds and culture from each region has created an EP that has surpassed expectation.

Beardur flawlessly infuses anecdotes from one of the world’s oldest cultures indigenous to Southern Africa, the Khoisan, with one of modern-day music’s most forward-thinking genres footwork.

The four-track EP features Beardur’s brother Wavey Don on two tracks, and was released last Thursday, 13 October via Red Bull Studios in Cape Town.


  Although the EP converges what would otherwise be seen as unconventional elements, Beardur has managed to mould every track cohesively and meticulously. The brilliance of this EP could easily result in the term “CapeTek”  becoming synonymous with the Cape Town BASS scene, as other artists begin to adopt it.

“CapeTek” will either incinerate any preconceived notions one might have about Beardur, or reinforce them.


Listen/download “CapeTek” below:

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