Vox Portent: “Youth” [Album release]


Vox Portent’s musical journey has been one of incredible growth and self-discovery. This echoes throughout his second album “Youth”, released on Tuesday, 1 November 2016.

One crucial factor about this album, is that it served as a form of therapy for its creator. On his Facebook page, Vox Portent goes into great detail describing what the album means to him emotionally and spiritually. Thematically, the album deals with issues of being in love, heartbreak and growth. “It is about love, hope, inspiration, comfort, motivation, compassion, excitement and curiosity” he said. The 13-track album was written over almost two years, and was released on his label I Suppose Ja.

The overall sound of the album is less experimental (which can be heard in the bass-lines and drum work) compared to his previous releases. “I explored what sounds were popular around my circles and I gave into working with more synthetic and mainstream samples” he said. It features Thami 2 shoez, who is one half of Rooinek, Vox Portent being the other half. There’s also a feature from Je Suis Ohne, Vox Portent’s other moniker.


What’s great is when an artist puts their entire being into a project, making it impossible for the audience not to connect with it on a deeper level, because of its authenticity. Whether it’s connecting with the heartbreak of “Hope leaves” , the betrayal of “Liar”, the freedom of “Letting go”, the elation of “Risa and friends” and the confusion of “Are you mad at me?”, the album deals with pertinent issues that are tough to face, but are part of growth.

There’s a sense of fierce delicacy to the album. Delicate in that this was not a rushed project, but one of patience. It also deals with delicate emotional and spiritual issues part of the human experience. It’s fierce because it tackles these issues head on and does not hold anything back.

“Youth” is the album that will play a pivotal role in shaping his career. Its heavy emotional and spiritual ties to its creator make it not only special, but extremely powerful.

Listen to “Youth” below:

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