Kwaai-Fi Volume 1 [EP release]


“Kwaai-Fi Volume 1” has arrived, and with all the turmoil going on right now, its timing couldn’t be more appropriate.

The six track EP consists of original work and remixes from Terrasoul, Dunn Kidda, Maramza and Fosta. “Kwaai-Fi Volume 1” is one of the most exciting musical ventures to come out of 2016. It has united four South African producers who are true to themselves and are creating mind-blowing music.

Maramza remixed Dunn Kidda’s “Laanie level”, and added his signature future bass and gqom, kwaito mashup to the track. Terrasoul turned Maramza’s “Feral” into a funky, smooth track, with a house rhythm and Fosta introduced a searing bass line paired with a classic African house beat to Terrasoul’s “Storm in a teacup”.

Fosta’s “Sjoko mission” is upbeat, dark, and sinister. The beat is heavy-set and means business. Despite its name insinuating anger or frustration, it’s hard for Dunn Kidda’s “Jas now” not to put you in a good mood. The beat is quirky and contagious, and will result in a few body parts moving along to it. Maramza’s “Don’t think about it” ends the EP with a future bass bang, and is so great that it’ll leave you in disbelief that the EP is over.

Listen to “Kwaai-Fi Volume 1” below:

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