FRNGE: “A Temporary Escape” [Debut EP release]


Inward battles are often the ones no one hears about or sees the scars of. Ironically they’re also the ones that matter most and have the most impact on our lives, whether we realise it or not. The solution can be to either ignore or run away from these problems, or face them and create change.

“A Temporary Escape” unpacks the idea of escape, specifically escaping from ones problems. On his social media pages, FRNGE said that he realised this escape isn’t permanent and only temporary. “This year has been an extremely personal journey for me. I often found myself in situations where I had the need to run away from my problems and just forget about everything around me, but obviously this sense of escape isn’t permanent, it remains temporary.” This is a crucial realisation for anyone, as many people find themselves running away from something at some point in their lives. However, acting upon this realisation and making a change is another story altogether, and this is what forms the basis of the EP.

“A Temporary Escape” is his debut EP as FRNGE, as his previous moniker was Two Lives Left. He’s also the latest addition to the I Suppose Ja family, Vox Portent’s newly established record label. The EP also features Thami 2 Shoez on “Father Bless”.


The EP is filled with heavy emotion and gives us an all access pass into FRNGE’s world and state of mind. It allows us to see the human side of the artist, which is often hidden, as most times they’re only seen as ‘the artist’. Each track has a soul and narrative. They’re fierce and purposeful, as well as vulnerable and complex. All six tracks were created from a similar palette of tones and chords.

The use of sound effects, and anecdotes are brilliantly woven into some of the tracks. In “Father Bless” the sound of light rain crashing to the ground, coupled with thunder creates an atmosphere of suspense. Also, the sound of someone unlocking a door ,opening then closing it, and locking it again in “Motion” creates a sense of finality.

FRNGE has reminded us that everyone has something they’re struggling to face inwardly. There’s something powerful in knowing that you’re not alone, and that there’s nothing wrong with revealing your vulnerabilities. This notion is brought across in “Blood Nail” where someone says “Don’t feel bad. We all feel like that from time to time”.


Listen to “A Temporary Escape” below:

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