Sumo Jac and Frenz: Volume 1 [EP release]


 Sumo Jac and Frenz Volume 1 is a monstrous collaboration. Sumo Jac collaborates with TehSynes, Adam De Smidt, DPlanet and Omar Morto on the six track EP. The EP delves into the sounds and textures of grime, house and garage. It’s equally as dark and gritty as it is profound and stellar.

“This Right Here” is the opening track by Sumo and is one of two solo tracks from him. It does a fantastic job at building up anticipation for the rest of the EP. Drawing influences from UK garage, it pulls the listener in with its charismatic bass and drum lines. The violin synth on this track is godly, and contributes to this being one of the stand out tracks on the EP. “Chase” is the second solo track from Sumo, and creeps up on the listener as it begins. But as it progresses, it morphs into an alluring and vicious beast.

The collaboration between Sumo Jac and drum and bass enthusiast TehSynes is intense and action packed. It would fit perfectly as the soundtrack to an epic car chase or fight scene. The trumpet synth steals the show and creates a sense of urgency and complete manic. Also, the drums at the end take the track to unparalleled heights. Nothing was held back with the collaboration between Sumo and the renowned DPlanet. “Sumanet” is loud and unapologetic, and shows what happens when two producers of this calibre collaborate. Omar Morto and Sumo Jac’s collaboration,”Online Now” is a menacing and eery track that shows off the grittier side of both artists. The EP ends off on a much lighter note with Sumo and deep house stalwart Adam De Smidt’s collaboration “TME”. It’s a laid back, delicate and soul soothing track.

This EP is a great testament to what’s happening within the bass music scene in South Africa right now. Artists are taking risks, pushing themselves, and the calibre of music is arguably the best it has ever been. It also reminds us that collaboration is crucial to the growth and sustainability of the scene.

Listen to Sumo Jac and Frenz Volume 1 below:

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