Tru Fonix: “LO” [Chee remix]


Chee’s had a thunderous start to 2017, with three of his tracks being featured on Noisia’s radio show. His influence and following is growing rapidly nationally and internationally, as he consistently delivers and creates transcendental music.

His remix of UK bass duo Tru Fonix’s “LO” is neurofunk gold. He bastes the original with a chunky, mouth-watering neurofunk marinade that will have you craving more. The remix is out now on UK-based record label Saucy Records.

You can expect tons of music from Chee in 2017, from EP’s, collaborations, remixes, possibly an album, and the release of his Fear Monger LP. Chee has a mammoth career ahead of him, and it’s almost unbelievable that he’s still in the early stages of his career with all he’s achieved.

Listen to Tru Fonix: “LO” [Chee remix] below:

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