6 local producers to watch this year


It’s a new year, which means brand new music. There’s been a few local artists who’ve advertised on their social media pages that they’re releasing new music this year. We took note, and compiled a list of six artists you should keep your eyes on. Whether it’s a single, collaboration, EP, LP or album, the following producers are setting up 2017 to be a great year for local music. In no particular order, see the list below.

1. Jumping Back Slash


Jumping Back Slash is renowned for his unique and inventive take on gqom, by fusing r&b, house and kwaito with the death-defying genre. His EP Slow Oceans will be released through UK-based record label Cotch International, on Friday 27 January 2017. Leading up to its release, two singles featuring Joburg-based vocalist and producer Hlasko have been released and a music video featuring Nonku.

Why you should listen to Jumping Back Slash:

JBS has a loyal and diverse following locally and internationally. He often receives acclaim from the likes of Olubenga, and is constantly featured on local and international radio shows. He creates music with depth, that’s easy to connect to and will leave you altered in some way.

Listen to “Signs in the Streams” by JBS ft. Hlasko below:

2. Dunn Kidda


Dunn Kidda has one of the most unique and varied sonic palettes around, which is mirrored in everything he creates. He recently released his Blueberry Petrol EP in which an array of synths and melodies intertwine and create a sound only he can. He plans on releasing a significant amount of music this year on newly established record label Cruel Section Records.

Why you should listen to Dunn Kidda:

He creates bass lines that make you re-think your entire existence, and has an ear like no other. The way he fuses an array of eclectic and unconventional synths, sounds and melodies is remarkable. With a sound as common as his name, Dunn Kidda is truly incomparable.

Listen to Dunn Kidda’s Blueberry Petrol EP below:

 3. Broken Transient


A name that’s becoming more common in Cape Town’s beat scene, Broken Transient is steadily and deservedly gaining traction. Well versed in hip hop and bass, his soulful creations boast his knowledge of the two to their entirety. On his social media pages he’s promised new music later this year.

Why you should listen to Broken Transient:

Broken Transient is a producer you need to keep in your sights, as his music is sincere, with a large dosage of heartfelt tones, melodies and shades.

Listen to “Smile” by Broken Transient below:


4. Chee.


The way Chee’s career is going at the moment, in no time he’s going to be an international drum and bass superstar. He’s flipped neurofunk inside out with his twisted, insane, dark and weird take on the genre. Expect more collaborations, EP’s, an album, remixes and single releases from Chee this year. His Fear Monger LP will be released on 7 February 2017 with Hamburg-based label Saturate Records.

Why you should listen to Chee:

South African neurofunk is already synonymous with Chee, and will never be the same because of him. International drum and bass titans Noisia, have played multiple songs by Chee on their radio show, which is huge for any artist. Chee is not afraid to let his weirdness shine bright, and the world needs more of that.

Listen to the Perfect Machine EP by Chee below:

5. Escapism Refuge


Joburg-based Escapism Refuge has been working on his debut album for some time now, and we’re hoping that 2017 is the year it sees the light. Part of UK-based label Deep Heads, Escapism Refuge creates music that transcends genre and a lot of the time this universe.

Why you should listen to Escapism Refuge:

Simply put, his music is addictive and will have you in a state of awe. “Traps” off his EP Traps was played on Soulection radio in 2015, which for any artist is a massive achievement and shows they’re doing something right.

Listen to “Scorpion” by Escapism Refuge below:


6. Beat Sampras


Beat Sampras began as a one man band, consisting of producer and DJ David Migwalla. Today, Beat Sampras is a duo which includes guitarist Dylan Fine and focusses more on the live elements of producing. They’re releasing a three track EP titled The Bridge 23 on 2 February 2017 with San Francisco record label Mellow Orange.

Why you should listen to Beat Sampras:

The combination of David’s soulful r&b, trap and hip hop inspired beats, with Dylan’s hypnotising and breathtaking guitar skills couldn’t be more magical. Experiencing a live set is bucket list worthy.

Listen to “Easy” by Beat Sampras below:




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