Beat Sampras: Bridge 23 [EP Release]


Beat Sampras have delivered their first release of 2017 with Bridge 23. The three-track EP pays homage to the fairly new union between producer David Migwalla and guitarist Dylan Fine.

Beat Sampras began as a solo project, with David producing music and DJing. However, when he collaborated with Dylan at the beginning of 2016, Beat Sampras went from a one man show to a duo. Since then, they’ve released a self-titled debut EP, remixes and other original work. They’ve played at festivals like CTEMF, Rocking the Daisies and Wolfkop Weekender.

Bridge 23 showcases not only the immense growth of the duo, but how they’ve come into their own, and created their own truth. The EP is a culmination of hypnotising melodies and captivating synths, that uses the best elements of r&b, soul and hip hop to create something unrivalled. The production feels effortless, as the guitar chords glide over in synchronicity, like waves back and forth. It seems as though everything created by the duo, comes with handfuls of allure and magic. Only a year down the line, and their influence and ability to inspire is already extraordinary.



Listen to Bridge 23 below:

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