Straight Feels: Straight Beats Volume 1 [Compilation]

Straight beats Volume1

Cape Town-based record label and musical collective Straight Feels have released their first offering for 2017 with Straight Beats Vol.1. Straight Beats is a monthly compilation that includes artists from Straight Feels and a guest each month.

This month the two artists representing Straight Feels are Davve Minor and Beat Sampras, with guest artist, the formidable GinaJeanz. The 3-track compilation shows off the intricate, bold textures and soundscapes of Namibian-born GinaJeanz. Beat Sampras also premiere a new track with “Back to you”, which fuses the soul-soothing sound the duo have become known for, with a hard hitting future beat. Davve Minor, who is David Migwalla’s other moniker and solo project, ends the compilation off with a crisp, feel-good track.

Straight Feels are hosting their first event of the year tomorrow night at Fiction in Cape Town. The lineup includes an impressive bill of artists, where an array of frequencies can be expected from Bryan Travis, Dunn Kidda, Davve Minor, Joeyeezi and Luca Williams.


Listen/download Straight Beats Volume 1 below:

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