Deep Aztec & Da Brownie: [EP release]


Red Bull Studios in Cape Town hosted another momentous collaboration, this time between two up-and-coming house producers. Da Brownie and Deep Aztec united to create an outstanding body of work, and one of the best local EP’s of 2017 so far.

Deep Aztec and Da Brownie have really shown off their ability with this EP, which is a culmination of tech house, deep house, jacking house and South African house. It not only showcases the versatility of the artists, but also how each artist has grown.

The opening track, “Truthseeker” has all the elements of a classic deep house track, with its bulky bass line and contagious melody, and is bound to get pulses racing on the dancefloor. The sound of the EP swiftly changes with “The Playground”, a high-spirited jacking house track. “By My Side Part 2” reveals a more subdued side of the artists, with a slower tempo and sensual melody.

The EP is rich, emotive and incredibly groovy. Although they’re labelled up-and-comers, this EP proves that labels mean nothing, and has cemented their place within the industry and given them needed recognition.

Listen to the EP below:

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