Blu Mar Ten: “Titans” [TehSynes remix]


As part of a remix competition hosted by drum and bass trio Blu Mar Ten, TehSynes remixed “Titans” off their seventh album Empire State, which was released in December 2016. There were over 300 entries, and TehSynes ended up in the top 16 with his remix.

The remix features vocals from TehSynes and a hair-raising performance from Ntombe Thongo.  It unites two worlds; drum and bass and traditional African music, creating a track of unparalleled proportions.

As the track begins there’s an air of mystery and bewilderment, with the dreamy vocals of TehSynes and the backing vocals of Ntombe. As it progresses, it jumps out of its shell and steals all your attention. The tempo rapidly changes and Ntombe’s voice crashes in synchronicity with the beat. With hints of jungle and a messy bassline the track is menacing and profound, with Ntombe sprinkling the perfect amount of soul onto it.

Listen to Blu Mar Ten– “Titans” [TehSynes remix] below:

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