Dwson: Tales [EP release]


Dwson is the latest house prodigy on everyone’s lips. He brings back a refined melodic sound packed with energy and soul, reminiscent of old school deep house. He uploaded his first track on SoundCloud just two years ago, and has come a long way in such a short space of time.

Tales was produced at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, and features a collaboration with Dunn Kidda. The three track EP gives a glimpse into Dwson’s remarkable talent, and leaves you wanting more, so much more.

The opening track “Tales” features Dunn Kidda, and his touch can be heard very early on in the track. Dunn Kidda’s eclectic style and Dwson’s richness, create a unique track that showcases the depth of our local talent. “G” and “Daffodil” see Dwson revert back to his signature sound. “G” is an undisputed classic, and sees him slow things down, but turn up the groove. “Daffodil” ends the EP off, and boasts his ability to effortlessly combine melodies, synths, basslines, and rhythms to create a sonic masterpiece.

Listen to “Tales” below:

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