Davve Beats: Baile Ikapa [EP Release]


Davve Beats ventured into new territory with his debut EP, by combining the Brazilian genre of baile funk with South African soundscapes. The EP is his first solo release in two years – as he also forms part of the duo Beat Sampras – and it’s his first release under the moniker Davve Beats.


Baile originated in Brazilian townships, known as favela’s. It became popular in the 1980’s and tackled social issues such as poverty, violence and social injustice with its hard-hitting lyrics. In 2004 Diplo made the genre known internationally, when he created a mixtape called Favela on Blast, from his time searching the favela’s for new baile music and artists. In recent years, Sango from Soulection has been a huge advocate for the raw baile sound, and has helped pioneer the sound as we know it today. It’s intense, emotive and fast paced.


With Baile Ikapa Davve does an incredible job at finding and aligning African tracks with baile samples. Everything flows and nothing feels forced or out of place, even though the tracks are worlds apart. The first two tracks “Introducao” and “Baile” fuse traditional baile samples with heavy-set hip hop and trap beats.



“e-MOTION-al” samples Black Motion’s hit “Rainbow”, and makes use of the iconic horns from the original to assist with its transition to a classic baile track. “Yizo Reprisenta” sees the DJ Zinhle anthem undergo a fierce baile revamp, and adds an exhilirating drop. South African hip hop star Nasty C’s “Hell naw” is sampled in “Chill bro”, and is given a less rigid baile feel. Baile Ikapa is a brilliant ode to what influences Davve and his sound. The EP is bold, and if anything, makes you acutely aware of Davve’s astonishing talent and vision.


Listen/download “Baile Ikapa” below:


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