SKinniez: Happy Birthday Hotep Galeta [New release]


DJ SKinniez  pays tribute to his late father with his latest release Happy Birthday Hotep Galeta. It’s his second annual tribute to his father and South African jazz legend Hotep Idris Galeta. The playlist was released on 7 June which would have been Hotep’s 76th birthday.

Elements from hip hop, r&b, soul, jazz and future beats are heard throughout the playlist. When it comes to production, SKinniez can be quite unpredictable and you can never be sure what you’re in for. However, soul and ingenuity are always guaranteed.

The seven track playlist shows off different aspects of his artistry, from sampling tracks and breathing new life into them, creating bulky hip hop and trap inspired beats to creating something more subdued and moving. He makes use of flips and chops, and his sound can be experimental at times, with his almost erratic use of sound effects and synths.

“Persistence__Hope” starts off the playlist, and begins with a recording of him speaking. It then morphs into three different wavy hip hop beats, each one effortlessly transitioning into the next. Track three, “FxF Flip” shows a more hard-hitting side of the producer, with its weighty bass and cheeky sound effects. “IntheDARK-[LIGHTning]” is enchanting as it begins with a nonchalant future beat and then turns into more of a house-styled beat. Again, it exhibits his ability to seamlessly change the direction of a track and give it an entirely new persona.

SKinniez has crafted his own sound, and although erratic at times, it’s never void of direction or energy. It’s clear that he draws inspiration from many things especially his father, which contributes significantly to his boundless potential.

Listen to “Happy Birthday Hotep Galeta” below:

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