MalcoHol X Michel- Mess: “Dance or Die”


Mozambican house producers MalcoHol and Michel Mess collaborated on “Dance or Die”. Both producers are currently based in Cape Town and are pushing their respective sounds. MalcoHol began producing in 2011 and Michel in 2015, and have since both had releases on local and international labels. MalcoHol’s had releases on local record labels Chutney Records, Immoral Music and international releases on East Project in the UK and Augmented Deep in Belgium. Michel’s had local releases on Immoral Music and MudPie Records. Internationally he’s released on  Bloc Beatz Records in the UK and Inusual Series in Spain.

“Dance or Die” is a culmination of deep house, tech house, and jacking house. It’s a funky, whimsical track that has great anthemic potential. It’s one of those tracks where you’ll get the overwhelming urge to get up and shake a leg or two, and bask in how infectious the rhythm is. It also has a few twists and turns, and exudes a level of maturity and innovation from its creators. “Dance or Die” has only scraped the surface for both up-and-comers, and if it’s anything to go by, their futures are going to be furiously bright.

Listen to “Dance or Die” below:

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