Dwson: Interview

Picture: Curtis Golden Photography

Last Monday, Rocking The Daisies announced its lineup for this year’s installment of the ground-breaking festival. We decided to interview two artists who are playing at RTD for the first time this year. They’re artists who are creating their own paths, and are pioneering some of the most forward-thinking music right now.

First up, is Cape Town-based house producer and DJ  Dwson. His career has experienced enormous growth this year, and has firmly placed him as one of the most in demand and influential artists right now. The 23-year-old is renowned for his refined, soulful and lush soundscapes. This year he’s been booked for two of South Africa’s biggest festivals, Oppikoppi and RTD in October. We spoke to him about where his love for music comes from, what inspires his music and what to expect from his RTD set later this year.


 Rocking The Daisies is your second major festival booking, how do you feel about being part of such a momentous occasion?

I’ve seen and heard nothing but great things about RTD. So many great acts get to showcase what they do, and I’m just happy and excited to be part of such an amazing festival.

 This year your career has really taken a leap, and hit a few milestones like RTD. What do you think your success is owed to?

I owe both small and big accomplishments to God.

When did you start producing?

In 2012 I did a one year production course at Soul Candi Institute of Music.

 What inspires your music?

Everything and anything, from listening to different types of music, whether it’s jazz, soul, r&b or house. Inspiration hits me anytime of the day. From being in a club to walking in a busy street, the sounds of nature, kindergartens, hallways, cafés, many things.

Which local and international artists influence you and why?

There’s a few local artists that influence me, many of them for different reasons. But one that has been a huge influence is KYMAC. His work rate and ethic is just crazy and his sound is so matured, I love his work! There’s a lot of artists internationally that influence me too, from the Soulection crew to the house idols. To name a few, Evil Needle, J-Louis, Sivey, Ju Soul, IAMNOBODI, Anton Lanksi, Baaz, Bonobo, Moomin, Atjazz and the list can go on. Each artist has inspired me in some way to be different and always push boundaries, experiment, and do certain things that wouldn’t be safe to do with the type of music I make.

Picture: Curtis Golden Photography

 Where does your passion for music come from?

It comes from my father and his fetish for good soul music. If it weren’t for him and the music I was introduced to at a young age, I’d probably not have been at this point in my career.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing at RTD this year?

The big sound rig, playing for thousands of open-minded music lovers and watching so many peeps enjoying themselves. Just the good vibes, and seeing some of the other top artists perform as well.

Name one local artist we should be listening to right now?


What can we expect from your RTD set?

People can expect the sound they know me for and a whole lot more. Lots of emotive and feel good stuff, and I’m definitely going to put that massive rig to good use. We’ll see how it goes, I’m looking forward to RTD.


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