Fosta: “Where Have You Been?” ft. Fancy Galada [Omar Morto remix]


 Kwaai-Fi is the platform pushing the vast landscape of sounds coming out of Cape Town right now, focusing on deep house, sjoko joko, future beats, kwaito and anything fresh out the Cape. Kwaai-Fi Volume 1 was released last November and included six tracks of original music and remixes from heavyweights FOSTA, Dunn Kidda, Terrasoul and DJ Maramza. After some silence the platform is back with a remix of FOSTA’s latest track from Omar Morto, and the promise of regular tracks for the rest of the year.

                    FOSTA (Picture by Ashiq Johnson)
Omar Morto (Picture by Ashiq Johnson)

FOSTA released “Where Have You Been” two months ago on his label 021 Records. The track fuses his energetic afro house style with the glorious vocals of Cape Town-based Fancy Galada. From the production to the vocals it’s a masterpiece, and pulls the listener in with its stirring emotion.

Omar Morto stripped down the afro house track, and created a bold chill wave remix. He built it around key elements of the original like the melody, vocals and drum line, but also completely reinvented it. The remix is a dark and chilling rendition, that’s as intriguing as it is profound. Its simplicity and minimal tone make it so effective. The bass is weighty and tempo slowed, and it’s just as commanding and emotionally gripping as the original. The only critique is that it’s way too short.

Listen to Omar Morto’s remix below:

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